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TruConnect 3G MiFi connections allow you to connect to the internet anywhere at high speeds with the cheapest rates on the market. Not only do we have lower rates than our competitors, but we do not force our customers into long contracts. TruConnect Mifi is contract free! TruConnect 3G MiFi connections are less expensive at any level of usage than our major competitors. Our service runs on the same network as Sprint, so you will have nationwide coverage.

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The TruConnect MiFi Manager is the ultimate tool to manage your mobile broadband connection. The MiFi Manager gives you insight in your data usage, signal strength, battery and network status and connected devices.

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With TruConnect you don’t need to pay for an expensive monthly plan or bundle of megabytes that you may or may not use. And it doesn’t matter if you use a little more one month or nothing the next. TruConnect lets you pay just for what you use. It’s ideal for the casual or occasional user. Simply keep your device in your bag and then pull it out when you need mobile internet access. “Pay by the megabyte” is perfect for most users.

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