Why Choose TruConnect MiFi?

TruConnect 3G MiFi connections allow you to connect to the internet anywhere at high speeds with the cheapest rates on the market. Not only do we have lower rates than our competitors, but we do not force our customers into long contracts. TruConnect Mifi is contract free! Furthermore, if you view the graph below you will see that TruConnect 3G MiFi connections are less expensive at any level of usage than our major competitors. Our service actually runs on the same network as Sprint, so you will have nationwide coverage. Try our service risk free today.

At different monthly usage levels, TruConnect saves big vs. the major carriers!

Monthly Bundle

  • $60/5GB

  • $45/3GB

  • $50/5GB

  • $40/2GB


$4.99/3.9¢ per MB
Starting at just
Plus 3.9¢/megabyte
  • True pay-as-you-go service
  • No monthly data plan
  • No monthly expiration
  • No contract
  • Sprint nationwide network
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“My 3G data usage on my laptop depends on my travel schedule, and I was being forced to buy these ridiculous data plans that did not fit my needs at all. I constantly felt like I was being ripped off by the carrier. Now TruConnect has this new data plan that is simple and straight forward – pricing by the megabyte with no expiration. Somebody is listening to the connected customer, thanks.”
Mobile road warrior, Minneapolis MN